Are you getting ready for SharePoint Saturday NYC? We sure are. Adam & I will be presenting a quick 10 minute lightning talk which is meant to poke fun at the ridiculous things that both developers and project managers say during the course of a typical project. We figured we’d get an early start so this week we are going to attempt to incite a twitter war of sorts. So without further ado, Adam the ball is in your court:

Can you make it look pretty? #WhatPMsSay

What are some of the funnier things you’ve heard from YOUR PMs & Devs? Join the fun here.


One Response to He said/She said

  1. Emma says:

    I love that your posts usually show a recent (and awesome) meal that yo#7&821u;ve made. I am always looking for inspiration and ideas for healthy meals that my whole family can enjoy! I would definitely love to see more about macros and nutrient totals that should be considered while trying to gain muscle/lose fat, it’s so hard to figure out what you should be eating and how much!

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