Thanks to everyone who attended my session at Philly Code Camp 2012 (May). As promised, here are the slides along with the session abstract for your reference.

This session will cover the ins and outs of SPMetal, a tool which ships with SharePoint 2010. SPMetal allows developers compile-time access to SharePoint lists, content types and columns. This allows for type-safe access to columns/fields on a SharePoint site. Additionally, developers can write LINQ queries against these lists using SPMetal which speeds up query writing tremendously. We will cover adding support for complex column types (Managed Metadata, Publishing HTML, etc) which aren’t supported by SPMetal out of the box. Lastly we will also touch upon performance considerations and other best practices when coding with SPMetal.


3 Responses to Using SPMetal for faster SharePoint development

  1. Bjørn says:


    After the discussion we had on Twitter, I wrote up a blog post on the caveats of using LINQ.

    Oh, and I think I suggested in the heat of battle that you fully implemented IEnumerable. I meant IQueryable, the former is a breeze, the latter is, well, not a breeze.


  2. Bjørn says:

    BTW, here’s some further insight into the issue with IQueryable:


  3. Bjorn – Thanks for the invigorating debate on twitter and your blog post. I do agree with you to an extent but feel that perhaps your position is a bit pessimistic. I also figured you meant IQueryable so I do intend to implement it before responding to your post in detail.

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