When you browse to a document library from an office client dialog such as ‘MS Word > Open’, the dialog shows a blank space instead of the document library contents-


Root Cause

This issue is caused due to the lack of an appropriate ‘FormDialog’ view available in the document library schema. Any document library definitions created by Visual Studio 2010 suffer from this issue. If you notice, these DocLib schemas provisioned by VS do actually contain a stub for a file dialog view but this stub is not sufficient in and of itself for proper rendering within an office client dialog-


If you are in fact working with a visual studio provisioned schema for a document library (most common scenario for this issue) then simply find the FileDialog view (BaseViewId=”2” as shown above) and make the following modifications to the view-

  1. Remove the toolbar

  2. Add ViewHeader

  3. Add ViewBody

  4. Add ViewFooter

  5. Add ViewEmpty

Things to note

  1. If you’re creating your own list schema by hand, simply ensure that there is a view definition with the following attributes-

  2. For lists that have already been provisioned using a custom schema, simply update the schema definition and redeploy to enact the change in existing list instances. Be sure to re-activate the feature so that an updated schema is read from the disk.

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