While the new SharePoint 2010 Dialog framework is great for modal interaction with the end user, there are times when a quick non-modal notification or a semi-permanent status message is more appropriate. The great news is that SP 2010 already ships with an OOTB Notification and Status framework in addition to the dialogs.


Notifications show up on the top-right of a page and by default show for 5 seconds.


Status messages are semi-permanent and stay on the screen until cleared

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3 Responses to SharePoint 2010 Notifications & Statuses

  1. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi Pranav,
    Where to put your code for notifications.
    SP.UI.Notify.addNotification(“Custom Notification (5 sec)”, false);

    SP Designer will do the job?


  2. Pranav says:

    Designer should suffice – it really depends on how you want to trigger it. Here is an example where clicking a button directly invokes the notification-
    <asp:button ID=”Notifier” runat=”server” Text=”Click Here to Show Notification” OnClientClick=”javascript:SP.UI.Notify.addNotification(‘Custom Notification (5 sec)’, false)” />

    Alternatively, you can also create a generic javascript function within a script block in your masterpage header or page layout main content placeholder.

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