An error related to feature activation is generated when deploying a sharepoint wsp package using visual studio 2010’s default deployment configuration –

Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’

Workaround 1
Use the “No Activation” deployment configuration and use Post-deployment command-line operations to manually activate your features since the retraction process will deactivate your features regardless.

Workaround 2
Deploy using default configuration until you see error message. Then manually Enable/Disable problem features and then RE-DEPLOY using default configuration-
1) Enable-SPFeature -identity "FeatureTitle" -Url http://localhost
2) Disable-SPFeature -identity "FeatureTitle" -Url http://localhost

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One Response to Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’

  1. Rajiv Kapoor says:

    I tried Workaround 1 half way and was able to deploy the solution.
    Thanks. Great post!

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