STP list templates uploaded using a feature are not available to instantiate on create.aspx

When you upload a list template (STP) using a feature to the list template gallery ( _catalogs/lt ), you must set some attributes in order for the template to show up on the create.aspx page-

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4 Responses to STP uploaded by feature doesn’t appear on create page

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  2. Stephan Onisick says:

    Where did the featureID D90095AD-86D4-4e55-AE28-119E21530552 come from?

    Is it the same on all stps?

  3. Stephan – it is the ID of the feature that contains this element manifest so would be different in your case

  4. Stephan Onisick says:

    Thanks for your comment. I got it figured out.


    PS: Not Stephanie

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