We recently upgraded one of our SharePoint boxes to Service Pack 2 of Windows Server 2003. The upgrade broke our Content Deployment from the upgraded server to any other servers. The error message in Central Admin said something to the tune of “The remote web upload request failed”

Upon further investigation I found out from the IIS logs on the target machine that all the exported .cab files were actually being transferred over successfully and IIS was returning back a status code of 200 for each transfer. However on the last CAB file upload, IIS returned a status code of 400 every time for some reason. After that, everything just died out and the source machine could not confirm that the transfer was complete.

Rob has a more detailed account of why SP2 broke Content Deployment but in short, the fix involved making changes to the registry since service pack 2 has issues with networking and I am being told that there is no way to roll-back from SP2.


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    I saw your profile in my linkedIn connections. I wanted to discuss some MOSS oportunities with you. Sorry for posting this to your blog, but I didn’t know how else to contact you. Thanks, Chris

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