I found myself in a jam when I needed to print a source I had cited for a paper and the publishers of the PDF (source) were overzealous in protecting the file.

As you can see, I could neither copy the text over to a word document and neither could I ‘print’ it to a different format. I tried a few approaches and I’ll list the failures and the successes:

1) FAILURE: Email it to yourself using Gmail and try to print the HTML conversion- this doesn’t work because gmail refuses to convert this file to HTML

2) FAILURE: Use Foxit reader to print the file – Foxit is smart enough to detect the PDF protections and refuses to send the print job to the printer

3) SUCCESS: Use Sumatra PDF reader – This client is light enough to ignore security provisions and seamlessly just agrees to send the print job.


2 Responses to Stuck with an overzealously protected PDF?

  1. eugene says:


  2. sue says:

    thats funny. never heard of sumatra before .. but good to know. or i can just call pdawg tech support 😀

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