Those of you who did not check out the latest Simpson’s episode titled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore”, missed out on a great episode.

Synopsis from
At the power plant a movie is shown where the workers endorse outsourcing and Mr. Burns announces that he is closing the plant and moving the work to India. Homer is the only union employee left on the payroll and he is sent to India to train the replacement workers, when he succeeds beyond expectations, he is given total control of the plant and declares himself a god. Meanwhile, Selma & Patty take Bart and Lisa to their MacGyver convention. When they discover Richard Dean Anderson doesn’t like MacGyver and much as they do, they kidnap him in retaliation. Anderson escapes only to enjoy the thrill and he turns himself back in so that he can escape again. When it happens over and over again, soon Patty and Selma are the ones who need a means of escape.

Check out a clip from the episode that I recorded:
You Ignorant American.wmv (1 MB)

Windows Media Player 10 required to play the above video.

Due to copyright protection laws, I cannot post the entire episode but feel free to contact me and we can arrange something.


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  1. kuss malhotra says:

    Dear Pranav,
    I am a big fan of simpsons. Can you please tell me where i can check the enitre episode.


    kussh malhotra

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