Microsoft sets price for Xbox 360 – Aug. 17, 2005

“Microsoft Wednesday announced two pricing plans for its next generation video game console. When the Xbox 360 goes on sale this holiday season, buyers will be able to purchase a no-frills version for $299.99 or a bells-and-whistles version for $399.99.
The less-expensive core system will feature only the Xbox 360 console with a controller, which has to be plugged into the system to play games. The $400 option will come with a 20 GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a headset (used for talking with other players online) that stylistically matches the Xbox 360 and, for a limited time, a remote control allowing users to more easily access the machine’s multimedia functions.”

Isn’t it quite obvious which version one would buy … for an extra 100 dollars, you get wireless controller, 20 gb harddrive and a headset … well worth the money. Most people don’t want to spend 400 on it though but this is just an example of Microsoft’s market policies and price discrimination.

“Hardware’s not all that’s going to cost more as the next generation of video games begins. Most major publishers have quietly acknowledged that major games will cost $59.99, a $10 jump over current prices.”


2 Responses to Xbox 360 – 299.99 or 399.99?

  1. alex says:

    moneys not the problem the problem is finding it it’s sold out in one night in every store

  2. alex says:

    do u no what website i can buy it at for $299.99

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