One thing for sure is that a 3.0GHz processor with a Gigabyte of RAM and 200GB of hard disk space is not outside our grabs. But still, there is something missing. The computers, they … er they are not exactly mind numbing fast. Don’t get me wrong. They are faster than my 266MHz 128Mb RAM 6GB HD. They’re much faster than that … but are they fast fast?

I guess the ability to crunch numbers faster than a human was achieved by the most primitive of calculators. But that fact is given the premise that the computer already has its input in machine form. I guess what I am saying is that the computer may be able to think fast but can it relate its thinking to us fast enough?

You push on a button and a computer fan turns on and you see some garbage on the screen comparable to your garbage every morning you wake up. But do I really want to see a computer go through its early morning chores? Answer is no. I mean if a computer is so fast, then why can’t it turn on so fast? Why is the fastest computer forced to display, “loading your personal settings …”? Isn’t the point of having a fast machine to surpass your own thinking powers?

Then why is it that it seems that sometimes YOU are waiting for the computer to work and not vice-versa? All those times when the stupid machine is on standby and you move your mouse and wait about 5 seconds for the CRT (Monitor) to turn on. Then you type in your password and it takes forever for it to let you start working on something constructive. Everytime you click on Internet Explorer, you wait for it to LOAD!

Everytime you visit a website, you wait for it to LOAD. I mean what more than a 3MBPS download does need for me to read my messages without waiting for it to take a crap? I guess everything just seems fast but I think the most important thing that needs to be fast is still slow. And that is the freakin’ I/O (Input/Output) interface in use by computers.

Will I see the day when I think something and the darn machine will have processed it for me to think ahead without taking a coffee break? Will I see the day when there will be no waiting for the computer to LOAD or WORK? Will I see the day when this darn machine that I am typing on will understand my frustrations? Will I?


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