What I’m debating is how to hook up my laptop to my desktop computer. One option is a wireless solution. However, this is expensive and can cost me upto $500. The other solution is a no-more-wires solution which would broadcast the network on the power lines in my house. Such kind of a network is called a power-line network which is very cheap and faster than a wireless solution. The problem, everytime I want to use the laptop, I would have to plug in an extra power cable in addition to the AC adapter. So one more wire. I can’t decide which one to go with.


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  1. ami says:

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  2. pranav says:

    understood ma’am

  3. prateek says:

    04/24/2003 Thursday spelling error in paragraph 3, word number 11.

  4. gok says:

    ami has a point :). If all you want to do is hook up your laptop to your desktop, simple ethernet will work just as well. Of course, if you want to move around the house, then consider wireless. A Wireless NIC will allow you access in school as well. You can then officially proclaim yourself a geek and join the band of nerds typing away on their laptops in pretty pretty summer when the pretty pretty girls are walking by (away).

  5. ami says:


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